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JHB (011) 337 2740 Durban (031) 337 0630 Grid Displays Grid Panel Panels only, free-standing (with leg kit) or wall mounted (with wall mount brackets). Available in Chrome (C), Black (B), or White (W). Sides have double wire for additional strength. Also available are grid attachments e.g. hooks, shelves and goosenecks. Part# Description 610mm x 1220mm 610mm x 1830mm 914mm x 1830mm 914mm x 2135mm 1220mm x 2440mm Modular Grid System 6mm wire spaced 75mm apart G24( ) G26( ) G36( ) G37( ) G48( ) Create your own design. Joining Clip Available in Chrome (C), Black (B), or White (W). GJC( ) Joining Clip sales@display.co.za www.display.co.za 13
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