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JHB (011) 337 2740 Durban (031) 337 0630 Cutting Products Art Knife Art Knife Blades Blue Handle Scissor Delux DTSCI3 Tortoise Shell Scissor DTSCI2 Budget Scissor DTSCI1 DTCUA DTCUBA 9mm Cutters and Blades A150 Heavy Duty 9mm Delux Blade 10 per pk. DTCUB-9 A300 Heavy Duty Cutter DTCU1 9mm Delux Light Duty cutter 9mm DTCU5 Medium Duty cutter 9mm metal sleeve. 9mm Econo Blade 10 per pk. DTCU3 DTCUBE-9 18mm Cutters and Blades Medium Duty cutter 18mm, metal sleeve DTCU4 L150 Heavy Duty 18mm Delux Blade 6 per pk. DTCUB-18 Light Duty cutter 18mm DTCU6 18mm Econo Blade 10 per pk. DTCUBE-18 L500 Heavy Duty Cutter DTCU2 18mm Delux 51 sales@display.co.za www.display.co.za 51
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