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JHB (011) 337 2740 Durban (031) 337 0630 Attachment Products Mirror Tape 2 sided adhesive foam tape. 3mm thick. ATDSM 25mm wide x 20m Two Stick Tabs Double Sided Foam adhesive blocks. 25mm x 25mm 300 per box ATDSF Masking Tape ATMA-12 12mm wide x 40m ATMA-24 24mm wide x 40m ATMA-48 48mm wide x 50m RE-INFORCED Sign writers Tape Filament Tape ATFI-18 ATFI-48 18mm wide x 50m 50mm wide x 50m Tape Dispenser ATSTD ATSI-6 ATSI-12 ATSI-24 ATSI-48 6mm wide x 50m 12mm wide x 50m 25mm wide x 50m 50mm wide x 50m Double Sided Tape Duct Tape Self Adhesive Vinyl. ATDU 50mm wide x 25m Packaging Tape Dispenser and Packaging Tape SelloTape ATDSS-12 ATSE-12 ATSE-24 ATSE-48 12mm wide x 50m 24mm wide x 50m 48mm wide x 50m ATDSS-24 ATDSS-36 ATDSS-48 12mm wide x 33m 24mm wide x 33m 36mm wide x 33m 48mm wide x 33m ATPD ATPA Tape Dispenser Packaging tape 48mm x 50m sales@display.co.za www.display.co.za 55
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