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Paints JHB (011) 337 2740 Durban (031) 337 0630 Spectra Spray Spray paints in 300ml *fluorescent, metallic and regular colours. *Fluorescent suitable for use on polystyrene. PASPS1( ) Regular PASPS2( ) Metallic PASPS3( ) Super Metallic PASPS4( ) Fluorescent Aerosol (Spectra) Metalic Colour chart Metallic Green(MGR) Metallic Blue(MBU) Metallic Grey(MGY) Metallic Red(MRE) Beige(BE) Gloss Black(BG) Matte Black(BM) Pacific Blue(BUP) Royal Blue(BUR) Sky Blue(BUS) Dark Brown(BRD) Mirror Chrome(CM) Super Chrome(CS) Aerosol (Spectra) Spray Colour chart Clear Lacquer(CL) Natural Copper(CON) Rich Pale Gold(GP) Super Gold(GS) Brilliant Green(GRB) Machinery Grey(GY) Grey Primer(GYP) Antique Ivory(IV) Maroon(MA) Peach(PE) Pink(PI) Signal Red(RES) Super Silver(SS) Tangerine(TA) Appliance White(WA) Gloss White(WG) Matte White(WM) Sunshine Yellow(YES) Aerosol (Spectra) Fluorescent Colour chart Fluorescent Green(FGR) Fluorescent Orange(FOR) Fluorescent Pink(FPI) Fluorescent Red(FRE) Fluorescent Violet(FVI) Fluorescent Yellow(FYE) Aerosol Regular Deco Spray Colour chart Azalia(AZ) Black(B) Blue(BU) Light Blue(BUL) Navy(BUN) Royal Blue(BUR) Brown(BR) Cerise(CE) Clear(CL) Copper(CO) Coral(CRL) Cream(CR) Delphinium(DE) Emerald(EM) Gold(G) Bright Gold(GB) Forest Green(GRF) Light Green(GRL) Lime Green(GRLI) Dark Grey(GYD) Lavender(LA) Marigold(MAR) Maroon(MA) Orange(OR) Orchid(OD) Peach(PE) Pearl(PL) Pink(PI) Plum(PM) Purple(PU) Bright Red(REB) Signal Red(RES) Scarlet(SC) Bright Silver(SB) Tangerine(TA) Turquoise(TU) Violet(VI) White(W) Jonquil Yellow(YEJ) Soft Yellow(YES) Gossamer Grey(GYG) Silver(S) Deco Spray General purpose matte finish, water based for interior and exterior decoration. Suitable for polystyrene. PADESP( ) 400ml 58 sales@display.co.za www.display.co.za 58
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