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Glass CHROME CONNECTORS JHB (011) 337 2740 Durban (031) 337 0630 For connecting glass to build a showcase T002C 2 WAY T003C 3 WAY T005C 3 Way Adjustable Hinges connect 2 panels of glass to Create a door. T004C 4 WAY T006C Adjustable 4 WAY T009C Hinge T010C Hasp PLASTIC GLASS CONNECTORS 305mm cube is made up of: 5x(300mm x 300mm glass panels) 12 x (2 way connectors) 2 WAY 3 WAY EASY TO ASSEMBLE, EASY TO TRANSPORT IN KNOCKDOWN FORM GLASS 4 WAY DTCONC-2 DTCONC-3 DTCONC-4 2 WAY 3 WAY 4 WAY 153mm x 1220mm tower is made up of: 4 x (406mm x 406mm glass shelves) 3 x (406mm x 1220mm glass side panels 1 x (400mm x 1220mm glass door) 5MM TOUGHENED SAFETY GLASS CUT AND POLISHED PER SQUARE METER 6 CGLASS sales@display.co.za www.display.co.za 6
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