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Polystyrene Products Styro Columns and Bullnoses (half columns) Styro Column and 1/2 round solid bullnoses. Heights from 200mm to 1m. SFCO1 SFCO2 SFCO3 SFCO4 SFCO5 SFCO6 SFCO7 SFBN-50 column column column column column column column half(bullnose) 50mm dia. x 1m 100mm dia. x 1m 150mm dia. x 1m 300mm dia. x 200mm 300mm dia. x 400mm 300mm dia. x 600mm 300mm dia. x 800mm 50mm dia. x 1m 100mm dia. x 1m 150mm dia. x 1m 200mm dia. x 1m 300mm dia. x 1m JHB (011) 337 2740 Durban (031) 337 0630 SFBN-100 half(bullnose) SFBN-150 half(bullnose) SFBN-200 half(bullnose) SFBN-300 half(bullnose) gth 1m len Styro Boards Available in thicknesses of,10mm,15mm,25mm and 50mm. SBO1 610mm x 915mm x 5mm 610mm x 915mm x 10mm 610mmx 915mm x 15mm 610mm x 915mm x 25mm 610mm x 915mm x 50mm 1220mm x 915mm x 10mm 1220mm x 915mm x 15mm 1220mm x 915mm x 25mm 1220mm x 915mm x50mm 1220mm x 1830mm x 10mm 1220mm x 1830mm x 15mm 1220mm x 1830mm x 25mm 1220mm x 1830mm x 50mm 1220mm x 2450mm x 25mm 1220mm x 2450mm x 50mm gth 1m len SBO2 SBO3 SBO4 SBO5 Column dia. Solid Half(bullnose) SBO6 SBO7 SBO8 SBO9 SBO10 SBO11 SBO12 SBO13 SBO14 SBO15 Roman Column Square. Also available in round: diam 200mm. Heights: 50cm, 1m and 2m. SFCO14 SFCO15 SFCO16 SFCO17 SFCO18 SFCO19 SFCO20 square 50cm square 1m square 2m round 50cm round 1m round 2m Base 400mm x 400mm Styro Letters SLE-75 SLE-100 SLE-150 SLE-200 SLE-250 SLE-300 75mm high 100mm high 150mm high 200mm high 250m high 300mm high 66 sales@display.co.za www.display.co.za 66
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