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JHB (011) 337 2740 Glitter Jars: 50ml, 200ml,350ml and 700ml Packs: 1kg Fine Glitter Blue(BU) Gold(G) Green(GR) Red(RE) Silver(S) Durban (031) 337 0630 Decoration / Effects Plastic Chain 22mm wide. Purple(PU) Red(RE) Silver(S) Turquoise(TU) White(W) Red(RE) yellow(YE) white(W) black(B) Regular Glitter Colour Chart Black(B) Cerise(CE) Copper(CO) Gold(G) Green(GR) Lilac(LC) DEPC( ) Cellophane 10 Metre Rolls Length: 10m width: 1m 100m rolls available on request. DECE-10 DEGL-50( ) DEGL-200( ) DEGL-350( ) DEGL-700( ) DEGL-1000( ) DEGLF-1000( ) 50ml Reg 200ml Reg 350ml Reg 700ml Reg 1kg Reg 1Kg Fine Clear Colours Custom logos and personalised messages available DECEC-10( ) Cellophane Colour chart Blue(BU) Green(GR) Pink(PI) Red(RE) Yellow(YE) Balloons A variety of sizes and colours, also available with printed logos and/or messages. Thick wall for use with helium. Poly Ribbons 100m x 30mm DERP1( ) More sizes and metallic colours also available. Electric Balloon Pump for inflating balloons with air. Continual or intermittant flow. Ideal for large quantities of balloons. Easy to operate. Poly Ribbons Colour chart Black(B) Blue(BU) Light Blue(BUL) Royal Blue(BUR) Cerise(CE) Emerald(EM) Gold(G) Light Green(GRL) Lemon(LC) Orange(OR) Peach(PE) Fluorescent Pink(FPI) Plumb(PM) Purple(PU) Red(RE) Silver(S) Turquoise(TU) Yellow(YE) DEB1( ) DEB2( ) DEB4( ) Large Round Metallic Printed 350mm 350mm 350mm DEBPE Balloon Pump Available in a large range of colours. Call for more information. www.display.co.za 67 sales@display.co.za
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