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Decoration / Effects JHB (011) 337 2740 Durban (031) 337 0630 Bubble Machine Smoke Machine High performance heating element, compact design, remote control included, built in liquid container, strong metal housing with hanging bracket. 4 minute heat up time. Power supply 240V, 50Hz, Heating element 700W, Dimensions 150mm x 175mm x 320mm, Weight 5kg DESM DESML-1 DESML-5 Smoke Machine Liquid 1 litre Liquid 5 litre Powerful bubble machine for producing large quantities of bubbles for that extra disco effect. For best results, use with bubble liquid. Removable fluid tank. Fixed 1.7m mains leads. Power supply 230V, 50Hz, Motor power 24rpm, Dimensions 250mm x 240mm x 272mm, Weight 3.8kg. DEBM DEBML-1 DEBML-5 Bubble Machine Liquid 1 litre Liquid 5 litre Battery Operated Mirror Ball Motor DEMRBMB Mirror Balls DEMRB-5 DEMRB-10 DEMRB-15 DEMRB-20 DEMRB-25 DEMRB-30 DEMRB-40 DEMRBC-25 DEMRBC-30 (2") Or (5cm) In Dia. (4") Or (10cm) In Dia. (6") Or (15cm) In Dia. (8") or (20cm) in Dia. (10") Or (25cm) In Dia. (12") Or (30cm) In Dia. (16") Or (40cm) In Dia. (10'') or 25cm Coloured (12") or 30cm Coloured Electric Mirror Ball Motor DEMRBME 68 sales@display.co.za www.display.co.za 68
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