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JHB (011) 337 2740 Durban (031) 337 0630 Slatwall LOW PRESSURE LAMINATE, HIGH DENSITY WOOD ­ SUPERIOR QUALITY Slatwall is easy to install Secure to studs using drywall screws inside grooves. Grooves can be placed on both sides of the panels. Attach to hollow walls using expanding drywall anchors. 76mm OC SLATWALL ALUMINUM INSERTS Heavy Duty Aluminum Liner increases the load bearing capacity of slatwall. Use where heavy shelf loads or a high-end look is desired. Must be ordered preinstalled into all slatwall panels. SPA(M) SPA(W) SPA(PG) Maple White Paint Grade 1220mm Distance between grooves is measured from the centre of each groove. 2440mm THESE ARE OUR MOST POPULAR COLOURS & SIZES Standard Slatwall Panel Standard panel is 1220mm high, 2440mm long with horizontal grooves. Standard spacing is 76mm on centre (o.c.). 102mm, 153mm, 203mm and 305mm spacing is available. SP(M) SP(W) Maple White 1220mm(H)x2440mm(W) 1220mm(H)x2440mm(W) 1220mm(H)x2440mm(W) Horizontal grooves 76mm(OC) Horizontal grooves 76mm(OC) Horizontal grooves 76mm(OC) SP(PG) Paint Grade MAPLE WHITE PAINT GRADE sales@display.co.za www.display.co.za 9
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